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ADGA Registered Saanen Dairy Goats

Hayden Farm

Hollis, New Hampshire


The Saanen dairy goat, named for the Saanen valley in Switzerland, is the largest of the dairy breeds, and is pure white or light cream in color. Saanen does typically mature out around 150 pounds, and bucks around 200. Along with their sweet temperaments, Saanens are known to consistently produce large quantities of milk. Our first fresheners typically produce at least one gallon of milk per day, with production increasing to one and a half to two gallons in succeeding years.  


Hayden Farm WC Wendy
Winning her first leg toward her championship at the tender age
of 9 weeks
at the NHDGA goat show in New Boston, NH

Wendy is a daughter of Montgomery-Park Joy's Windsong and
Seraiah Farms' XC Christopher




Now taking reservations on 2011 kids

This year's kids will be sired by  

March and April kidding is planned

We will also be selling one two year old second freshener and
two one year old first fresheners in the Spring of 2011




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